Spring Netball

The Spring Competition typically runs for 8 weeks through Term 4. There are no finals. PNA will communicate registration information during August.

FFNC do not manage team registrations for the Spring Competition. Teams are organised by parents and registration is done directly with PNA.

Teams organise their own coach and manager. Usually these roles are filled by parents of the players. Teams also need to organise and pay for their own umpire.

Typically there is no training for Spring netball, unless you want to organise this yourselves. It is more of a social competition, a bit more casual than the Winter competition.

How does FFNC support their members for the Spring Competition?

  • Teams are welcome to wear the Floreat Force uniform
  • Teams are welcome to borrow a game bag (if available) which contains game balls, bibs, timer and First Aid box. Game bags are to be returned to the Floreat Force cage at the end of the Spring Competition. We have an Equipment Register and can allocate a game bag to one parent. If you wish to borrow a game bag, please email our Equipment Coordinator, Paul Litjens.
  • For teams who do not have Floreat Force netball dresses, we recommend wearing your school uniform shorts and top (note, all players have to be wearing the same uniform), or something generic like white top and black shorts. In these cases, we have a small supply of pull over bibs that can be borrowed.

Looking for a Player, Umpire or Coach? Here are some options for you…

  • Our Umpire Coordinator, Larissa Knight, is happy to provide the name of an umpire from our pool for you to organise directly with the umpire. You can contact Larissa via email.
  • PNA Facebook page - you can create a post on their FB page with your request. Most Umpires check this page for opportunities. You may also be able to pick up players or a coach this way too.
  • Floreat Force Facebook page - each year we'll create a pinned post for anyone to comment on if they are looking for a player, umpire or coach. While you're there, please Like and Follow our page!

How to register for Spring Netball

Everything you need to know about the Spring Competition is on the Perth Netball Association website at this link including an information pack.

If you are a returning Winter 2023 player, you will not be charged an Affiliation fee by PNA (provided you register with the same account). You will be required to pay your share of the Team fees to the person who registers the team with PNA.

For 2023, team nominations close at 9am on Tuesday 29th August unless capacity has been reached prior to this. Be quick!

We hope you continue to play netball through the Spring Competition, as it's a nice way to wind down from what can sometimes be an intense Winter Competition for some teams. It's fun and there's a lot less rain!

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